01.06.2021 | Human Rights | Event

Celebrating Pride Month 2021

On the occasion of pride month this year, let us accept and respect each other, and appreciate what each and every one of us has to offer.

Pride Mont…


01.12.2020 | Human Rights | Event

Cleaning Up Kafala

The Shady Industries That Exploit Lebanon's Kafala Workers


10.11.2020 | Sustainable Development | Event

Roadmap to Economic Recovery

A critical analysis of the Lebanese government's rescue plan, countered with practical recommendations.


02.06.2020 | Human Rights | Event

Beyond the Covid-19 Lockdown

From repercussions on the opposition movement to public healthcare to aggravation of discrimination against vulnerable groups, the following series of…


27.02.2020 | Human Rights | Event, Publication

Call for Contributions to Publication

The Lebanese Intifada: Perspectives from Within.

Publication supervised by the Orient-Institut Beirut, in partnership with the…


| Event

Get to Know Us

The nature of our activities in Lebanon


26.09.2019 | Youth | Event

University Students’ take on Modern Cities Traffic Congestion Problems

A series of trainings for students from different Lebanese universities on sustainable cities and public transportations within the Lebanese context.


05.09.2019 | Human Rights | Event

A Festival of Colors

FES supports a music video that comes as a message of acceptance and a celebration of love and diversity through the medium of dance, song and color.


31.07.2019 | Participation in a vibrant society | Event

Social Media Training at FES Beirut

FES organized a two days Social Media training for its partner NGOs.


29.07.2019 | Youth | Event

Green Leadership Academy III Launched

A group of motivated students from various Lebanese universities were gathered for the launching of the 3rd edition of the Green Leadership Academy.


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