LEAP Engaging Young Leaders for Positive Change

Interested in Enhancing your Socio-political Leadership Skills?

About the program

Leadership, Awareness, and Empowerment Program “LEAP” is an opportunity for young people who have the will, courage, and persistence to stand tall in a decision-making position.

"LEAP" is an international program that has been implemented in different regions, including Latin America, East Africa, and South Africa as well as the MENA region. Therefore, it would implement social policy-related initiatives at the national and regional levels.

This program is a space where the participants bring the themes and content in their discussions to their respective social and professional backgrounds and are encouraged to form pressure groups to enable their ideas to influence public opinion and major policy decisions.

It is designed to support young people to be able to gain the confidence and support of large sections of the community, as well as potential sponsors or mentors.

"LEAP" sees itself as an area in which the socio-political youth is guided to think of themselves as active members of society; to find their own role and actively participate in the socio-political life of their country and region.  


Who should apply?

  • Youth leaders between 20-30 years old from all genders Identifications.
  • Strong commitment and interest in the development of their home region.
  • Outstanding academic or professional performance.
  • Have the will and potential to play a socio-political leading role in their country or region.
  • Support the promotion of democracy, participation, social support, and gender equality.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to address controversial matters with people from different backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Familiar with English or French, in addition to Arabic.

Special encouragement to:

This program considers a person " Lebanese" if any of the parents are Lebanese, the same applies to stateless persons. Moreover, the program welcomes everyone who is influenced by the social and political situation in Lebanon including Palestinian refugees.

Express yourself freely in the motivation letter with a focus on:

1- Your professional and political experience, and the limitations that shaped it

2- Your approach to leadership and decision making

3- One skill that makes you feel so good about yourself

4- Do not hesitate to share a short story that taught you a lesson and affected your political or social approach


Deadline for application 28th of February 2022

Please send your CV and motivation letter at:

info.lebanon(at)fes.de or call.lebanon(at)fes.de 


For more details download the brochure:

English Version

Arabic Version



Lebanon Office

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(+961) 1 998 559/60
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website: lebanon.fes.de

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