Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is at the core of a prosperous and sound society. We are convinced that any step forward must consider the welfare of all of Lebanon’s residents as well as related environmental impacts. Thus, we are partnering with various actors of civil society trying to help them put their ambitious programs into practice.

Through these partnerships, FES Lebanon aims to anchor progressive sustainable principles within the local context, as well as support active domestic players to overcome structural disadvantages they face compared to establishment parties.




The October 17 uprising and collapse of the postwar economic model pushed the socioeconomic discussion to the forefront of the political scene. In line with FES goals for a more just socioeconomic system, the Lebanon Office has widened its network of partners working on critical solutions to the ongoing crisis and developing alternative models.

This growing network of think tanks, academics, progressive groups, independent unions, and new MPs aims to develop a comprehensive strategy to counter the current situation and improve the socioeconomic situation of the population, especially the most marginalized and exploited segments.

Climate Action & Public Properties

For years, Lebanon has not prioritized the development of a national climate action plan, thus resulting in aggravated vulnerabilities to climate change due to the lack of adaptive capacity. Through a wide spectrum of partners and research institutes, FES is encouraging decentralized climate action within a national sustainable economic recovery plan that resembles the model followed by many countries in response to the pandemic.

However, the Lebanese case remains more complex due to the lack of proper governance and management of the available public resources and assets. Under the heavy burden of the financial crisis, FES fights along partners from civil society to endorse a climate friendly economic recovery that protects public assets and properties and enhances the management of natural resources.


Gamified Civic Engagement

In a cross-cutting approach under its “Project 21”, FES is addressing the youth – not only in Lebanon but rather in the MENA region- with an innovative mobile game that enhances knowledge and skills on civic participation and engagement. The game addresses topics such as electoral systems, governance, accountability, inclusiveness and social justice in a challenging gaming environment that ensures an entertaining learning experience to the users.


29.05.2024 | Human Rights | Event

Launching of the Electronic Legal and Administrative Library


13.05.2024 | Human Rights | Event

“Reclaiming and Decolonizing the History of Women’s Rights and Feminist Movements in Lebanon”


12.05.2024 | Event

The Status of Labor Rights in Lebanon: Erosion of rights within multiple crises



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