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1. Privacy Policy  
Privacy Policy The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V. attaches the utmost importance to the protection of your personal data. It strictly adheres to the legal provisions governing the permissibility of…  
08.03.2023 | Youth, Human Rights | Event
International Women’s Day 2023
What it means to be a woman in Lebanon  
12.10.2022 | Participation in a vibrant society | Event
Premiere Night
Launching of FES's internationally acclaimed feature film in Lebanese theaters  
06.10.2022 | Participation in a vibrant society | Event
Berlin in Beirut
Delegation Visit from FES Headquarters, headed by Chairman Martin Schulz  
08.06.2022 | Participation in a vibrant society | Event
FES Produced TV Show
Nos-EL-Mazeh-Jadd ("Half the Satire is Serious") an FES-Lebanon Fully produced political television talk-show  
6. Legal notice  
Legal notice Legal notice of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V. Editor Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e. V. Godesberger Allee 149 53175 Bonn +49 (0) 228 883-0 +49 (0) 228 883-9207 …  
01.12.2020 | Human Rights | Event
Cleaning Up Kafala
The Shady Industries That Exploit Lebanon's Kafala Workers  
10.11.2020 | Sustainable Development | Event
Roadmap to Economic Recovery
A critical analysis of the Lebanese government's rescue plan, countered with practical recommendations.  
02.06.2020 | Human Rights | Event
Beyond the Covid-19 Lockdown
From repercussions on the opposition movement to public healthcare to aggravation of discrimination against vulnerable groups, the following series of articles offer a diverse yet interconnected…  
27.02.2020 | Human Rights | Event, Publication
Call for Contributions to Publication
The Lebanese Intifada: Perspectives from Within. Publication supervised by the Orient-Institut Beirut, in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Lebanon  
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