Labor Day Celebration Event

Screening of the FES supported documentary film "Lebanese Workers - Pages from Unseen History"

A collaboration between the Lebanese Observatory for Workers' and Employees' Rights and the Friedrich -Ebert-Stiftung culminated in a vibrant and impactful Labor Day celebration held in Halba, Akkar on the 29th of April, 2024. The event successfully achieved its primary objective of honoring the invaluable contributions of laborers and unionists while fostering meaningful dialogue on pertinent labor issues.

A pivotal moment of the celebration was the screening of the documentary film titled "Lebanese Workers - Pages from Unseen History." This enlightening film provided a comprehensive exploration of Lebanon's labor movement, spanning from its pre-independence struggles to contemporary economic challenges. It effectively highlighted the significant role played by entities such as the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers in shaping labor frameworks and advocating for workers' rights.

This encounter underscored the significance of intensifying efforts to maintain ongoing engagement with workers, particularly in regions like Akkar, where labor concerns may be overlooked. Disseminating knowledge about union rights and labor rights remains essential, serving as a catalyst for effecting positive change within the labor movement.

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